The Copper Lounge

100% love it
Low key mixed atmosphere
At the Copper Lounge you'll find gays, straights, young and old. The atmosphere is social and the vibe casual.


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      junquey1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice Mix, Nice Place
      PROS: It's very nice place, very comfortable. The collage "kids" hang-out there in the evenings (the friendly kind, not the rowdy kind). CONS: It can get loud. It can get crowded. OTHER: It's mostly a "Bar" in the evenings. It's primarily straight; but then Albuquerque (near the University at least) is a very Gay friendly town.

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      partygirl Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun, and I felt safe!
      The food is GREAT bar food. No one seemed to mind the Lesbian in the room!

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      DukeCityMuscle Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay-friendly neighborhood bar and grill
      The Copper is a great cross-roads where you'll meet UNM students, downtown hipsters, long-time residents, new urbanites, and a noticeably higher percentage of gay people than at a typical not-explicitly-gay bar. That's because everyone is genuinely welcomed here. Extensive draft selection with $2.50 specials all the time, frequent cocktail specials for $3.50, and food specials most nights. The menu features deep-fried appetizers, monster burgers, hefty salads, and robust panini, and home-made cake for dessert-- definitely "guy food". Wednesdays highly recommended, all drafts $2.50 a pint, look for the bald guy drinking a Black & Tan and say "hello" to me.